Sunday, June 04, 2006

Butterfly with an "in your face" attitude

This was during a hike. The first image is that of a beautiful butterfly. The second one is what he really looks like. The E-500 is great. When I took the picture, I just thought it would be cool to snap a butterfly up close. But, I didn't realize how "up close" it was until, after downloading the image to a computer, I was able to zoom until I got his eyes and the hair on his back.

Picture postcard from Hawaii

This one is from Hawaii. Taken on a lazy morning while trying out my new camera. You can click on it to magnify. The black-and-white one is that of a kayaker in the ocean with white sand in the foreground. The second one just seemed to capture the idllyic state of my mind.

snapping the frames of life

Recently, I bought a new digital SLR - the Olympus E-500. Ever since, I've been captivated by capturing "cool" stuff. This is where I'll try to put some of it up.