Sunday, March 02, 2008

Red road under the blue sky

This was taken in the Mojave National Preserve in California, about 80 miles south-west of Las Vegas. If you are on your way back to California, you could enter through the north entrance off the I-15 freeway, drive south through the park, and exit through the south entrance and head west on the I-40 freeway. If you do this, make sure to stop by the Kelso Dunes in the middle of the park. At 600 feet in height, they are the third highest in North America.

The road, when we were driving, was reddish in one direction but the usual black in the other. It was probably due to the interplay between the sun and the contents of the tar. Whatever it was, it was beautiful, especially when juxtaposed against the blue sky.


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Bobin said...

Hey! This is a supercool shot, bro! Love the clouds!!