Sunday, October 08, 2006

RGB balloons and jet streams

These are from today's San Jose Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon.

There were tons (no pun intended) of airplanes taking off from the nearby airport, but none close enough to the lamp in the picture to get a good shot. Finally, the aviation gods decided to have mercy on me - after waiting for about an hour, a jet showed up, far away, but close enough to the lamp, for the picture.

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Bobin said...

Niiice! :) Those balloons are cute!

No.1 - Those red and green balloons really brighten up the pic. Couple of suggestions: Do you want to try rotating the pic by a few degrees clockwise? So that the building line is truly vertical? Also I suspect it might be better if you crop out the pink balloon on the far right - it's neither here nor there :P

No. 2 - I LOVE this one! The stark blue of the balloon. And those two shadows on the tent! El brillianto! Again, needs a wee bit of correction for the vertical. Picasa mein ho jaata hai!

No. 3 - My favourite of the lot! Tell me, is that a fighter jet or a commercial airliner?